Service Agreement


1. It is agreed that only The Sign Post Guys' employees remove or install our rented equipment.
2. Any Call out to repair the sign post due to theft, vandalism, or any reason that is not the fault of The Sign Post Guys will result in a maintenance charge.
3. Any necessary maintenance due to faulty installation will be promptly repaired by the Sign Post Guys at No charge.
4. This Service Agreement serves as authorization for The Sign Post Guys to process your credit card for payment of all invoices including purchases of equipment, installations, rentals and missing or damaged equipment.
5. Rental term is deemed complete 14 days after property sale completion date, up to a maximum 6 months. 6 month term extensions are available at the current rate.

1. Pay for all invoices upon completion of service.
2. Provide detailed instructions for installation, including:
a) Listing address
b) Site markers for location of sign post.
c) Contact information for anyone involved with sign post installation.
3. Notify The Sign Post Guys promptly on completion of sale to arrange removal of sign post.
4. Facilitate the recovery of the sign post and all components at time of removal.
5. Obtain authorization from appropriate entity when associations govern a community in which a property is located.
6. Reimburse The Sign Post Guys for:
a) Any damaged, lost or stolen equipment.
b) Fines resulting from incorrect placement of sign post, as directed or moved by the property owner or agent.
c) Fees from utlity companies for damaged lines, if customer did not indicate location of lines prior to installation.

1. Orders may be cancelled by email to or by phone or text message anytime prior to the day the installation is scheduled.
2. Cancellation the day the installation is scheduled, must be made by speaking directly with Dan at 604-837-3455 or Kerry at 604-910-8481.

1. Install and remove sign posts as per the Customer's instruction. Work orders are completed within 24 to 48 hours, Monday thru Friday (with the exception of holidays) Orders must be submitted prior to 2:00 pm for "Same day service" (Mon-Fri)
2. Follow all instructions from the Customer as to location of placement, with regard for all ordinances and regulations.
3. Manage and provide safe storage for Realtor's signs prior to installation.

4. When service is completed The Sign Post Guys will notify our client with text message and photo confirmation.